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OUR MISSION is to design and build long-lasting, efficient buildings and energy generation systems that conserve natural resources and reduce pollution. As a result, we are creating good returns on investments that build a more environmentally sustainable economy.

Thank you for your interest in environmentally responsible construction.  Through our WERC, you can have more efficient buildings, better building products, better building controls and installations of wind, solar and geothermal systems. Our customers save thousands of dollars on building operations each year, enjoy greater comfort, safety and value, all the while enjoying the satisfaction of doing the right thing for the environment too.

We also practice what we preach in our own operations.  Most of our vehicles, equipment and machines run on diesel fuels, which are less polluting than gasoline.  In addition, we have added technologies to allow our vehicles to run on bio-fuels such as vegetable oils and Used Fryer Oil (UFO Fuel™) from restaurants.  Click here for more information.  Our energy efficient and beautiful 10,000 square foot offices and shop buildings (Eco-Domes) are heated and cooled with geothermal energy.  Most of our electricity is generated on site from our own wind turbines and solar photo-voltaic panels in a net-metering situation with the local power company. Click here for a tour of the Eco-Domes

Whether you’re looking to make your building more safe, have a higher resale value, produce energy or conserve energy and natural resources, this web site provides information on conservation technologies, products and services for your building projects. 

We will WERC for you in these areas:

Simple or In-Depth Energy Audits of Existing Buildings.
• Lighting • Building Materials • Ventilation • Infrared Images • Blower Doors • Appliances • EnergyScaping™ • all HVAC

Comprehensive Water Planning
• Storm Water • Grey Water • Process Water • Water Plans
• Water Gardens • Waterless and Composting Toilets

Installation and Planning for:
• Commercial Buildings • Geothermal • Solar • Wind • Hydronics

ECO WERC is a pioneering and award-winning construction firm for conservation technologies, with over 100 years of combined experience as contractors, architects, designers, engineers, installers and environmental specialists.

Personnel and Qualifications
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Energy Analysis

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