WERC Projects to a Greener Future

Eco-Domes Four-Season Greenhouse

North of the sun belt, growers of crops and vegetables have one short growing season.

The new four season dome greenhouse is the third above-ground geodesic dome to be erected at the Eco-Domes Campus. The Buckminster Fuller style metal frame geodesic dome measures 24' diameter, 13' tall with hand-fabricated coverings and screens that are combinations of natural and synthetic materials. The frame and coverings were manufactured by Pacific Domes (pacificdomes.com) which will hopefully provide a ten year long-lasting modular roof over this four season producer of research data. 

The greenhouse foundation was built using an interlocking form system by Build Block. The blocks are interconnected to one another to form curves. Or in this case, a large circle. When the Build Block form is complete, concrete is poured into the center cavity creating a solid, well insulated wall that is ready for the geodesic metal frame installation.

The greenhouse will be used for experiments in growing healthy, highly saleable and fun crops with many forms of water (and soils) including surface water, well water, city water, greywater, compost tea solutions and bio-dynamically prepared soil amendments.  The energy, atmosphere and heat will be controlled through direct sunshine, backed-up with hybrid hydronic multi-fuel heat systems (in floors, tanks and planters) using sustainable energy sources (the sun, the wind, the earth and a multi-energy source boiler system.  The dome is a center for research, food production, enjoyment and therapy for the constituents of all three companies housed at the Eco-Domes: The Water Foundation, the Bog Frog Media Company and Winkelman's Environmentally Responsible Construction.

Research will be conducted for many varieties of programs for sponsors, colleges/educational organizations, farmers, home owners, renters and anybody who grows something in earth and water (yes, including houseplants). These include, of course, our trademarked programs like the Carbon Catcher, Frog Friendly Tips, Conservation Pays!, Sewer Thermal, Hybrid Hydronics, Solar WERCs and Eco-Domes.  We invite you to learn, participate, comment or just stay in touch with this us as this decades long research begins (continues!).

To tour the facilities call 218-764-2321

Eco-Domes LLC, 9121 CR 23, Brainerd, MN 56401